Define the best solution architecture as a blueprint for growth in a competitive world.

Incorporating IoT into your enterprise is a complex process that requires many calculated decisions. You need new solutions to efficiently integrate with your current IT and OT infrastructure, while establishing strong foundations for subsequent growth and scalability.

Let us define and design the solution your enterprise needs to tackle today’s evolving challenges and meet emerging business requirements. Implementing the right solution architecture is key to making sure your company moves forward with a comprehensive outlook, combining expertise from different viewpoints and ensuring you are equipped with the best tools to solve your unique business needs.



Ideation & Analysis

Choosing the right approach to IoT is essential. Let us ensure you know which of its many use cases can serve you best to maximize business value and growth. This way, we can work together to get a clear picture of your existing resources and infrastructure, analyzing them from a wide range of perspectives. Our team collaborates closely with you to optimize your business processes to their fullest potential – adhering to your stakeholders’ requirements.

Architecture Development

In today’s data-centric world, you need a forward-looking architecture that’s focused on harnessing the potential of your company’s data while making sure it remains secure. Let us develop the architecture that best fits your use cases and workloads, so you can store, move and analyze data as you see fit, including Big Data processing, Machine Learning and a wide array of data analytics. What is your perfect deployment strategy? A fully cloud-based approach, an on-premise implementation, or a hybrid strategy? Once we reach functional and requirements specifications that meet your demands, we can coordinate with software architects to move on to implementation.


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Bram Murawski
Bram Murawski
Solutions Senior Manager
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Klaus Heidinger
Klaus Heidinger
Solutions Head of Global Sustainable City Solutions
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Derrick Watrud
Derrick Watrud
Solution Architecture. Solutions Sr. Manager
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