About us

This is our mission: enabling our clients to unlock the digital future with our ecosystem.

So, whatever you need to transform your business, making an impact to society, create unseen opportunities – we have the right people, the knowledge and partners to achieve your vision.

We are here to support game-changers and go-getters with the right strategy, meaningful insights and solutions that transform your business into something greater. 

Your unique digital journey from consulting, design & prototyping to solution, implementation and operation, enabled with our deep domain knowledge, a strong technology stack and a powerful ecosystem of partners. Let us tackle your challenges and some of the world's biggest issues.



consultants to envision new services, business models and a sustainable future


developers & engineers ready to accept every challenge ahead of your digital journey


countries understanding regional environments and regulations


offices to be close to your local needs


Our heritage is the deep domain knowledge from years working in the field. That is why we understand the specifics of OT and IT alike and can support you to unlock your digital future in your respective industry. We can build on an unrivaled ecosystem in many verticals, providing innovative services and expertise to tackle any challenge that comes your way. Let us collaborate and ensure you realize your full potential.

Our services

We support you every step of the journey, empowering you with the tools and technologies you need to drive value and innovation.

A clear strategy to lead your business into the future

Our expert team helps you define your vision, set a clear strategy and choose the right approach to lead your business to success.

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Setting the right digital foundations

We quickly turn your ideas into reality, creating solutions that master your challenges and deliver impact.

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Engineering your solutions for success

Every project is as unique as your fingerprint. We leverage existing technology blocks and tailor them to your individual needs.

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Enabling transformation while keeping your people and business safe

Let’s navigate key decisions that can help your company evolve securely and effective, and move forward with confidence.

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Dig deeper into the latest trends and unlock the secrets of IoT and digitalization.

The Five Phases Of Successful IoT Implementation

The Five Phases Of Successful IoT Implementation

Is your organization ready to meet the potential offered by the Internet of Things? Discover our 5-step, practical guide for embarking on your IoT journey, from strategy development to use case ideation and operations development.

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Successful Digital Transformation

Successful Digital Transformation

How Change Management helps you to hold course in digital transformation.

Our experts Patrick Sailer, Britta Stutzmann and Dr. Lisanne Kobold describe their integrated Change Management approach and how it can turn your digital transformation into a success story.


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Internet of Things - From Buzzword to Business Case

Internet of Things - From Buzzword to Business Case

How to calculate the ROI of IoT initiatives?

Our experts Dr. Peter Louis, Gerherd Geisert and Rainer Blessing describe a systematic approach towards assessing the financial impact of your IoT investment.

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