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We support businesses across all verticals on their sustainability journey.

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Shaping the future through sustainable innovation and operationalization

Sustainability is quintessential for our society, economy, and everyday life. Fighting climate change, protecting biodiversity, and transitioning to a circular economy are just a few examples of areas where society at large, customers, investors, and regulators are setting new standards for companies. At the same time, these areas also present firms with tremendous business opportunities. Those that champion sustainable innovation can leverage their technological advantage as a unique selling proposition. 

Our mission is to help businesses become sustainability champions by setting the right targets, defining a successful strategy and transformation approach, and smooth operationalization, supported by data-driven insight generation. 

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Circularity Program Setup

We support businesses in leveraging ecosystems to drive circular economy across the entire value chain, learn from partners and open new business opportunities. 

Cost & Value Engineering

Providing detailed analysis to identify the optimal approach to source, manufacture and design-in innovation and sustainability while reducing cost. 

ESG Strategy and Governance

We support businesses in anchoring sustainability at the core of their strategy and operations and derive an effective roadmap of measures as well as an appropriate governance model. 

Decarbonization Roadmap and Company / Product Carbon Footprint

We baseline emissions along our clients’ entire value chains, set meaningful carbon neutrality targets and define concrete measures to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Design for Environment and Green Innovation

We enable businesses to understand the environmental impact of their products and support them in including reuse, reduce and recycle aspects in product design and manufacturing processes. 

Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Transition

We identify your businesses’ opportunities to replace conventional power and energy sources with hydrogen and renewables and derive a roadmap with concrete measures. 

Operating Strategy

Driving competitive advantage through improved operational and strategic excellence, coupled with digital transformation, to sustainably reduce cost and accelerate growth.  


Data-driven optimization of procurement strategies and functions to accelerate cost transformation and deliver on-going cost savings. 

Scope 3 and Sustainable Supply Chain Optimization

We bring businesses on the path to success regarding transparency in the supply chain, leveraging digital solutions to increase efficiency and optimizing routes to improve stability and resilience. 

Supply Chain

Driving supply chain cost reduction while enhancing agility, operational efficiency and resilience against market changes. 

Sustainability Check-up

We review where businesses stand on sustainability topics, identify the most pressing issues and get concrete suggestions for their journey. 

Technology and AI for Sustainability

We leverage technology and AI to generate insights on businesses’ hidden sustainability improvement potentials and realize them. 

Sustainability case studies

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A leading Chinese equipment manufacturer moves towards carbon neutrality

Countries globally have set goals for climate neutrality. China's dual carbon policy aims to achieve peak carbon use by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. This has created a demand for low carbon footprint products in the market...

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Aspern Smart City Research

As the energy demand for e-car charging is already increasing significantly and will be one of the major energy consumers within a city’s infrastructure in the future, Siemens Advanta supported ASCR to find a solution on how they can model the energy demand of electrical vehicles and their impact on the electricity grid using a Digital Twin...

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Read our featured article about Circularity Vehicle Passport

The automotive industry at the forefront of circularity – a digital transformation

Digital product passports are a core element in the circular economy strategy of the European Union Green Deal. In the upcoming years, we will see an increasing number of products to be accompanied with digital collections of their individual specifications and characteristics. With this, the EU aims to improve transparency for consumer decisions and all players along the value chain, to promote sustainable products and enable new circular business models.

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