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Life Sciences and Healthcare

Siemens Advanta helps Healthcare, MedTech, Pharma, and Life Science organizations succeed in increasingly complex and digital ecosystems by rethinking their strategic agenda, business models, and organizational capabilities to create value for society.

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Empowering transformation in Healthcare and MedTech: Thriving in the digital era

Healthcare and medical technology are rapidly transforming through digital technology, personalized medicine, novel therapies, and outcome-based models. Siemens Advanta offers solutions for Healthcare, MedTech, Pharma, and Life Science organizations to thrive in this complex ecosystem and create societal value. Our expertise enables the development and implementation of innovative digital business models, platforms, data analytics, operational digitalization in PLM and SCM, sustainability initiatives, and customer-centric go-to-market strategies. Let us collaborate to define and implement the right strategy for your organization in Medical Device & Technology, Pharmaceutical & Biotech, or healthcare services, ensuring you stay ahead in this evolving landscape.

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Becoming a digital health champion

We support healthcare companies to reinvent their business strategies, transform their operating model and systematically up- and reskill their employees.

Next generation connected care solutions

Innovative digital solutions are key to success as they increase the quality and efficiency of care while improving the patient's experience.

Advanced Analytics & AI in healthcare

AI in healthcare is no distant future – it's reality. Our experts guide you with data strategy, AI modelling and cybersecurity approaches.

Healthcare Factory / Supply Chain of the future

We support clients to re-invent their production of medical devices and drugs with the use of lean, green, digital technology.

R&D Transformation in regulated environment

Based on integrated tool chains, we support healthcare clients to apply new digital and agile PLM methods.

Sustainability in healthcare

Healthcare is at the forefront of global emissions and will face stricter regulations. We support to define their unique sustainability strategy.

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Life Sciences and Healthcare case studies

Development of an open digital health ecosystem for a medical device company

The power of digital ecosystems has long been recognized in the consumer space. Our client aims to demonstrate the advantages of such digital networks to its professional healthcare customers, with the goal of assisting them in further improving their goals...

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Transforming MedTech to a Digital Platform Model

Leveraging cloud technology, our client aimed to revolutionize the industry through a comprehensive digital offering that encompasses the entire clinical pathway, including non-clinical elements...

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Sebastian Herrmann
Global Consulting Head Life Sciences & Healthcare
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Dr. Stefan Kneip
Global Consulting Partner Pharmaceuticals & BioTech
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Josh Angel
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Andreas Kasper
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