Development of an Open Digital Health Ecosystem

The power of digital ecosystems had been long known in the consumer space. Our client wanted to open the advantages of such digital networks to its professional healthcare customers, with the aim to help further improve on their goals.

Our client had the vision to leverage the power of digital, to provide their customers with actionable insights that help them further improve patient treatment and also efficiency of their medical devices. They wanted to create a digital market place, on which customers can interact with each other, and find helpful digital applications, from the customer and from partners. Strategy and an ambitious timeline had been set. Yet, the solution and the client's unit for it had to be built concurrently.

Client Challenge

We supported our client along their entire journey, from value proposition design to the final business launch. This included developing ecosystem value propositions and new business models for client, customers and partners, designing the customer and partner journeys, designing the minimal viable solution, defining the go-to-market strategy and preparing the launch.

Our Approach

By accompanying our client, we strenghtened our client's reputation in the market and their perception as a thought leader in healthcare. 

The Impact

Our industry leader

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Sebastian Herrmann
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