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No matter your industry, we work with you to find the solution. With our established and comprehensive knowledge of different markets, we make it our mission to meet your unique challenges with our services. Discover what we can achieve together:

Explore how we can help you in your respective industry


The aerospace industry is capital-intensive, with high costs for R&D, skilled workforce wages, and certification and development expenses. At Siemens Advanta, we understand the unique complexity of this sector, where programs often last for a lifetime, while legacy systems must coexist with the latest advanced technologie.

Automotive & New Mobility

The automotive industry is changing dramatically, affecting car makers, suppliers, truck manufacturers, and mobility providers. This change is powered by seven trends: connected, autonomous, shared, electric, sustainable, digital, and urban.


The energy trilemma, addressing affordability, sustainability, and reliability, requires collaborative efforts across sectors. Discover our solutions to find out more about how we can contribute to your clean energy requirements.

Food & Beverage

The diverse food and beverage industry serves health-conscious consumers, with plant-based innovations and sustainable packaging on the rise. Stay competitive by tracking trends, complying with regulations, and collaborating for long-term success. Explore our solutions for insights.


Embrace the upcoming industrial revolution driven by automation and digitalization. Our data-driven solutions power innovation and success, offering strategic consulting, software differentiation, optimized production, and reduced energy consumption. Join us in shaping this new era of industry.

Life Sciences & Healthcare

Siemens Advanta drives healthcare transformation with digital tech, personalized medicine, and innovative models. For Healthcare, MedTech, Pharma, and Life Science, we offer expertise in digital business, data analytics, sustainability, and customer strategies.

Power & Utilities

In the utility sector, power drives everything. Partner with us to conquer challenges like renewable integration, market fluctuations, and regulations. We collaborate on reimagining models, optimizing energy processes, utilizing digital tech, and forging key alliances for industry leadership.

Smart Buildings, Campuses & Cities

Amid global urbanization, the need for sustainable cities and smart buildings is paramount. We specialize in intricate smart infrastructures, uniting systems and stakeholders. Our holistic approach, featuring thorough analysis and tailored implementation, guarantees project success.