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Food and Beverage

Our knowledge and expertise in both IT and OT provide the Food & Beverage industry with the necessary solutions to navigate rapidly changing consumer behaviors, fierce pressure from within, and strong regulations. 

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Meeting the demands of a health-conscious and environmentally aware consumer base

The food and beverage industry is a diverse sector ranging from small-scale artisans to multinational corporations. With a focus on health-conscious and environmentally aware consumers, this industry is influenced by factors like population growth, urbanization, and technological advancements. Innovations in plant-based alternatives, functional foods, and sustainable packaging are on the rise, creating opportunities for niche markets and driving competition. To remain competitive and profitable, businesses must anticipate trends, navigate regulations, and prioritize traceability, transparency, cybersecurity, and corporate responsibility. Collaboration, strategic investments, and continuous improvement are crucial for long-term success in this evolving industry.

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Adapting to the environment

We support food and beverage companies in their strategic transformation of their business including their operations and their support processes with focus on digitalization, sustainability, and portfolio. 

Cost Transformation

Data-led accelerated cost transformation, achieving measurable and sustainable cost reductions. 

Efficient, Eco-Friendly, Digital

We help F&B companies in realizing a production that is eco-friendly, lean in its processes and fully digitalized.  

Enhancing the digital potential for EBIT growth

We coach F&B clients in R&D digitalization through assessing the digitalization maturity, creating a North-Star focused transformation roadmap and identifying the digitalization potentials. 

Revolutionizing F&B with AI and Analytics

We help F&B companies in leveraging their full digitalization potential by e.g., implementing AI and ML* capabilities to switch from time-based to condition-based asset monitoring. 

Sustainable Food Value Chain for a Greener Future

The food value chain contributes to 25% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, necessitating companies to reduce water consumption and address upcoming ESG regulations. 

Food and Beverage case studies

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Establishing a digital framework for effective predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance, utilizing advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, is essential for companies reliant on complex machinery, enabling the detection of potential issues before breakdowns or delays occur, thus reducing maintenance costs, minimizing equipment downtime, and enhancing operational efficiency...

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Ella Haapiainen
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