We are at the heart of the clean energy transformation. We have a deep understanding of emerging technologies, policy and market developments, and are well connected in the energy stakeholder landscape. Our mission is to transform our energy clients’ challenges into well-defined and executable opportunities leveraging the power of digitalization.


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Navigating the Energy transition

Solving the energy trilemma is a vital challenge to societies around the world, now more than ever: Energy must be affordable and available, even as global population continues to grow, and nations reassess and de-risk their energy dependencies. Energy must become clean and sustainable to fulfil ambitious net zero commitments. All while ensuring energy supply is fully secure and reliable. Several clean technologies have emerged to accelerate the change: renewable power, energy efficiency, smart buildings and cities, green hydrogen, industrial electrification, electric mobility, storage, digital grids, amongst others.

But to make it happen, all hands on deck are needed: Policy-makers, industry, communities, consumers, investors.

At Siemens Advanta, we apply deep expertise on emerging clean technologies, business strategy, digitalization and policy making for the energy transition, working closely with our clients in both private and public sectors. Our mission is to transform our energy clients’ challenges into well-defined and executable opportunities leveraging the power of digitalization.



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Advanced Analytics & AI

Thanks to our specialized data analytics experts, we help you to make smart data a reality for your organization.  


We are focused on helping our energy clients to reap the benefits of digitalization tailored to their unique situations. 

Sustainability & Hydrogen Economy

We are helping our clients to form and operationalize their ESG targets and find their spot within the rapidly growing hydrogen economy. 

The Energy transition – The paradigm shift of our time

The transition to clean energy is inevitable and accelerating. It requires transforming the entire energy system for improved affordability and availability, sustainability, and reliability. Our services cater to players across the entire energy landscape, including new and established clean technology providers, policy makers, as well as companies directly and indirectly impacted by the energy transition.

Our expertise in transforming organizations, portfolios, and business models enables our clients to identify profitable markets based on proven growth and operational excellence. Embrace the opportunity to take ownership of your energy future and contribute to a more sustainable world.


CO2 emissions stem from urban areas, where over half the world's population resides.


Source: World Bank estimate, 2020


of global energy use is produced by Industrial sector alone.


Source: International Energy Agency, 2020


of G20 carbon dioxide emissions come from energy consumption.


Source: World Bank estimate, 2020

1.6 Gt

CO2 emissions could be cut with Cloud technology advances.


Source: International Data Corporation (IDC), 2021


It affects all of us

Governments are instrumental in driving the public agenda, setting targets and implementing policies to accelerate the energy transition. While they must ensure a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system, they should also use the transition to establish a new low-carbon economy.

Energy companies, especially those heavily reliant on fossil fuels, face substantial business model changes in the transition to renewable energy. Quick adaptation is key to success – leading companies are setting ambitious ESG targets and investing heavily in renewables.

New and established clean technology providers must improve competitiveness and scale their offerings, such as renewable power, energy efficiency, green hydrogen, industrial electrification, electric mobility, storage, and digital grids.

Investors have significant prospects in renewable energy technologies, and identifying well-positioned companies can yield substantial returns.

Consumers are increasingly conscious of their energy consumption's environmental impact and seek cleaner alternatives like solar and wind power. The energy transition provides them with opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint.

Communities, particularly those near renewable projects, benefit from the energy transition through job creation and economic development.


We are at the heart of it

The energy transition is a significant shift in how society produces and consumes energy, requiring collaboration from all stakeholders.  We at Siemens Advanta are at the forefront of this change.  We connect policy makers, opinion leaders, energy players, and technology providers.  With our domain knowledge and industry experience, we address challenging in the energy transition.  Learn more about how we assist clients with their unique needs.

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