Factory and Supply Chain Transformation

We enable our clients to drive supply chain transformation to the next level and achieve manufacturing excellence by leveraging our experience, expertise, and ecosystem at Siemens Advanta to create highly performant, efficient, and sustainable processes. 

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Manufacturing excellence and supply chain transformation: Siemens' integrated approach

Our services in factory and supply chain management combine strategy, technology, and operational excellence to transform operations and make a lasting impact on global manufacturing and supply chain operations. With Siemens' expertise and ecosystem, we help you drive supply chain transformation and achieve manufacturing excellence by optimizing processes, reducing costs, and building capabilities. 

Our offerings cover these three segments

We offer expert guidance and solutions to drive supply chain transformation and achieve manufacturing excellence. Maximize your competitive advantage in the digital era today. 

SCM Strategy & Industrialization

Our experts help define value chain and manufacturing network strategies, improve sales and operations planning, streamline logistics networks, and create world-class supply chains. We integrate market changes, business models, ecosystems, and technologies to deliver tangible results. 

Factory Planning & Automation

We create competitive and sustainable factories through a holistic approach that optimizes material flows, implements lean processes, incorporates digitalization and automation, and ensures cybersecurity. Our proven Green, Lean, Digital approach ensures factories are completed on time and to specification. 

Manufacturing Excellence & Smart Intra Logistics

Our practical guidance on executing Smart Factory accelerates the digital transformation journey and enhances productivity and efficiency in production and logistic processes. We implement scalable Industry 4.0 technologies with a focus on creating data transparency. 

Explore our tailored portfolio to support your business needs

Additive Manufacturing

We support companies operating in additive manufacturing to reinvent their business rooted in a holistic concept. 

Asset Performance

Asset performance management involves integrating online, external, and historical data with AI and ML algorithms to create prescriptive, predictive, or risk-based insights for enhancing operational and maintenance activities. 

Digital Factory Planning

Design future-proof factories based on a standardized approach, innovative planning methods, and digital tools. 

Green Lean Digital Factory

We assist our industrial clients improve their manufacturing sites and plant networks to achieve greater productivity, flexibility, and sustainability, while also ensuring that the Factory of the Future is green, lean, and fully digital. 

Digital Twin and Industrial Metaverse

We help shape the future Internet to ensure seamless interaction between the digital and analog worlds, identifying use cases focusing on enabling technologies and B2B applications.

Factory and Supply Chain Transformation Case Studies

Lean Digital Factory Leverages the Potentials of Digitalization and Automation

Digitalization is crucial for companies under cost pressure. Our Lean Digital Factory approach enhances transparency and enables successful adoption...

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Digital Quick Check

Our client wanted to understand where digitalization could help with fast results. We conducted a quick and structured analysis with the goal to gain transparency regarding digitalization potentials and identified lead time reduction of more than 40% - which we jointly tackled with the client...

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Henrik Sonnenburg
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Robert Hentschel
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