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Transforming medical device companies for digital health

Medical device and technology companies play an essential role in the evolution towards digital health, as their equipment is vital for diagnostic and treatment activities. As traditional value chains dissolve and new market entrants emerge, these companies need to accelerate their transformation on three fronts:


Strategic transformation of business strategy, operating model, and competencies to increase flexibility and speed in repositioning the company for future growth.


Innovation of new digital solutions to move towards earlier detection, personalized treatments, improved patient experience, increased provider efficiency, and tapping into new revenue sources.


Value creation in supply chain management (SCM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) by increasing efficiencies, reducing time-to-market, improving quality, and sustainability through the use of digital technology.

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Sebastian Herrmann
Sebastian Herrmann
Global Consulting Head Life Sciences & Healthcare
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Dr. Stefan Kneip
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Dr. Leander Fortmann
Global Consulting Expert Life Sciences & Healthcare