Aspern - A Resilient Infrastructure Solution

Aspern Smart City Research is the largest and most innovative energy research project in all of Europe, which is carried out by Siemens, Wien Energie, Wiener Netze, Wien 3420 and the Vienna Business Agency. It focuses on exploring solutions for the energy future within an urban development zone. The energy demand for e-car charging is already increasing significantly and will be one of the major energy consumers within a city’s infrastructure in the future. Siemens Advanta supported ASCR to find a solution on how they can model the energy demand of electrical vehicles and their impact on the electricity grid.

1: Utilize the electricity network to maximize the supplied energy

2: Communication and information of extra network capacity reserves for electric car users

3: Improve system efficiency and operation by connecting charging points to buildings and their parking lots

Client Challenge
  • Data Sources: Ontology Electrical network data based on the IEC standard CIM
  • Electrical load information: Publicly accessible and open data platforms provide charging station information​
  • Digital Twin: Correlation of transportation and electricity network data, charging stations and electric vehicle consumption by creating a graph-based data model (City Graph)
  • Visualization of correlated data: Transportation information and traffic flows for end users in an interactive map
  • Status of charging: Prediction of charging point usage (occupancy and energy demand)
Our Approach
  • Enabling e-mobility through better planning of network capacities and related expansion
  • Providing services through open standards & interfaces, with the goal of affordability, monetization enablement & longevity
  • Digital Twin can be extended with any ontology and related for many other business use cases
  • Increasing customer satisfaction & attractiveness of e-mobility through fast availability & transparency of charging capacities, leading to a reduction of emissions from combustion vehicles
  • The system implemented for providing & monitoring network capacity can help to secure the reliability of power supply in large cities
The Impact

“With the City Graph our partners Siemens Advanta Solutions and Microsoft supported us to integrate multiple data sources in an efficient way and we were able to jointly build digital twins of our city district in a very short time frame.”

<< Roman Tobler, Manager at ASCR and Wiener Netze >>

Our joint project was awarded

Powered by the MindSphere City Graph, Aspern Smart City Research (ASCR), won the IDC 2020 Smart Cities and Communities Europe and Central Asia Awards in the category resilient infrastructure, focusing on technology-enabled, groundbreaking projects, that deliver citizen-centric outcomes.