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Port du Havre – 5G use cases co-creation

Defining the 5G roadmap for the Port du Havre ecosystem


Discover our case study about the co-creation of 5G use cases and roadmap for HAROPA Port within the Port du Havre ecosystem, driving increased attractivity and competitivity as it transforms into a Smart Port.

Increase attractivity and competitivity of ​Port du Havre by transforming into a Smart Port.

1. Launch of the 5G Lab as part of Le Havre Smart Port City program.

2. 5G Lab looking for 5G use cases to prototype and to engage local industries.

Client Challenge

Co-creation evaluation and prioritization ​of 5G use cases, engaging with entire port ecosystem.

1. Pragmatic 3 week sprint for the identification and prioritization of relevant 5G use cases.

2. Co-creation approach for active engagement with 5 local customers of Port du Havre.

Our Approach

Clear 5G roadmap for each involved stakeholder, incl. plan for prototyping.

1. Clear 5G roadmap with concrete use cases (incl. quick wins). 

2. Successfully engaged local customers and started prototyping .

The Impact

Siemens Advanta unlocked the situation ​and helped us to better understand our customers.

Cyril Chédot | Head of Innovation and Planning, Port du Havre

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