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The vision of Stadtwerk Haßfurt includes a number of innovative products and processes tailored to the customer needs of the Haßfurt region. One of those visionary projects is a modern data platform used as the central element and basis of all digital processes in the Smart Green City Haßfurt.

This data platform collects, processes, stores and controls all digital information for the entire city. This includes not only the existing data from administration and business, but also all information newly generated in the urban environment from sensor networks, public data, geo-based information and digitized information from analog sources.




Energy management relevant data is located in multiple systems as well as external sources and is hardly relatable


Conflict to conduct precise data analysis while adhering to high data security and data privacy standards


Need to efficiently coordinate energy management workflows

Our Approach


  • Ontologies: Combination of multiple domains in a graph-based model using standards like CIM for the electrical grid
  • Digital Twin: Relation between all objects inside the digital twin (CityGraph) allows aggregation of data at multiple levels to meet data privacy requirements
  • User Interface: Self-explanatory overview and navigation of all relevant energy data in one view
Quote Background

“With the City Graph Suite, the team from Siemens Advanta and AIT helped us to combine the entire electrical power flow in our grid on one screen. We now have the possibility to identify correlations at a glance.”

Felix Zösch, CTO Stadtwerk Haßfurt GmbH​

The Impact


  • As the cities` utility data is visible on one single screen, correlations between influencing factors and effects can be identified more easily
  • Digital Twin as cross domain data hub provides foundation for expanding city-wide use cases (e.g. buildings, transportation)
  • Major parts of the solution are provided as Open Source platform to ensure long-term flexibility to extend and scale the solution

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