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Software Development & Automated Workflows for Global Sales Management

Siemens Healthineers – ​ Lab Diagnostics​


Siemens Advanta partnered with Siemens Healthineers' Laboratory Diagnostics business to develop software and automated workflows for global sales management. The collaboration resulted in the launch of the Best Fit Configurator (BFC), which enhances sales effectiveness and guides sales teams in choosing the most profitable deals. By working with Siemens Advanta, Siemens Healthineers achieved their goal of boosting sales and profitability. The project addressed challenges such as lack of standardized processes and tools, inefficient workflows between regions and headquarters, and reliance on home-built tools. The new software solution provides tailored guidance and automation for the global sales team, resulting in reduced time spent on tools and increased customer interaction.

Working with Siemens Advanta has been a pleasure, and we’re witnessing our overall vision come to fruition, and delivering on our promises.

Heather Throne, Senior Director, Head Commercial Enablement​

Global sales teams lack standardized processes and tools to effectively deliver best-fit solutions to customers worldwide while maintaining a profit-conscious approach.​

  • Global sales capabilities traditionally acted in siloed approach leading to inefficiencies & overwork​
  • Local teams utilizing "home-built" tools to try and position their products during sales processes​
  • Lack of standardized tooling resulted in inefficient workflows between regions and HQ​
Client Challenge

Strategic program focused on working with business leaders to gather and translate business requirements into technical documentation and development-ready user stories.​

  • Create central control over global sales tooling and processes through new strategic program ​
  • Integrate new, cloud-based software solutions across the company into CRM and ERP systems ​
  • Continuous feedback cycle with product teams and end-users ensured value-focused software development​
Our Approach

Users now have access to a tailored software solution that addresses gaps and inefficiencies by incorporating advanced business logic and guidance into an integrated solution for the global sales team. ​

  • Created central control over an easy to maintain tool that utilizes the latest technical environments and capabilities ​
  • Integrated solutions with other applications to create automated workflows for global sales users​
  • Reduced total hours sales users spend in tools – resulting in more face-to-face time with customers​
The Impact

Siemens Advanta is a valuable partner for the DX Lead2Order program and the Laboratory Diagnostics business. Their expert team understands our business and played a crucial role in launching the Best Fit Configurator (BFC). The BFC enhances the sales effectiveness, saves time, and guides sales teams in choosing the ‘best fit’ and most profitable deals. This partnership contributes to achieving our goal of boosting sales and profitability.

Heather Throne, Senior Director, Head Commercial Enablement​
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