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Digital Twins and Industrial Metaverse

Tap optimization potentials by implementing Digital Twins and Industrial Metaverse applications

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Optimization solutions for planning and operations with Digital Twin and Industrial Metaverse

Our expert team helps clients identify and implement relevant use cases for Digital Twins and the Industrial Metaverse, leveraging Siemens Advanta's domain and technology knowledge. We offer simulation approaches, immersive environments, and collaborative solutions with photorealistic rendering to optimize planning results and operations. Our focus is on solving specific challenges, not just digitalization for its own sake. We also guide clients in establishing scalable and future-proof IT architectures for real-time access to relevant data, empowering their Digital Twins and Industrial Metaverse applications. Partner with us for efficient utilization of these cutting-edge technologies.

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Advanced Analytics & AI

We design and implement the underlying data structures to power Digital Twins and Industrial Metaverse applications with real-time data considering our clients maturity in digitalization. 

Factory / Supply Chain Transformation

We support clients in planning and optimizing production and logistics by implementing Digital Twins fed with real-time data and tapping even more potentials with the Industrial Metaverse. 

R&D Transformation

We help our clients to design and engineer products and solutions collaboratively considering the latest state-of-the-art technological advancements. 

Digital Twin

Predict and optimize performance with Digital Twins along the product life cycle 

Our cutting-edge approach utilizes virtual environments, including simulation tools and real-time data from the physical world, such as real-time locating systems, to enable our clients to predict and optimize business processes and production execution throughout the entire product life cycle - from design and engineering to production and servicing. 

Building your Digital Twin: Our 5-step approach 

With our specialized 5-step approach, we help our clients develop and implement a tailored Digital Twin solution to address their specific business challenges. Leveraging our extensive network within and outside of Siemens Business Units, we provide swift support in implementing the required tools and technologies, ensuring our clients achieve their objectives efficiently.  

Industrial Metaverse

Elevate your Digital Twins to the next evolutionary step - the Industrial Metaverse 

By enhancing Digital Twins with immersive, interactive, and collaborative features, a whole new level of benefits can be unlocked. While this may require effort, the advantages are significant, including faster decision making, improved planning results, and optimized production operations, among others. 

Implementing the Industrial Metaverse goes beyond technology 

While adopting the necessary tools and technology is essential, we believe it is the final step in implementing an Industrial Metaverse use case. For us, developing a cohesive strategy for the Industrial Metaverse, upskilling the workforce, and building strategic partnerships with key technology vendors are equally, if not more, crucial for successfully embracing the Industrial Metaverse. 

Digital Twin and Industrial Metaverse case studies

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