Cognitive Infrastructure

We are at the forefront of the next generation of user-centric smart technologies that will power everyday life.

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Today's technology landscape and outlook indicate further future shifts, from siloed smart solutions to fully integrated cognitive systems and infrastructures. Cognitive infrastructures go beyond smart technologies to provide intelligent solutions and ecosystems that are self-learning and self-optimizing, contextualizing information to constantly readapt in an interconnected manner without the need for human intervention. 

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Designing the future

Cognitive systems will provide a competitive advantage across multiple industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, mobility, and buildings. Through customer and user-centric data gathering, these systems can continuously update and amend their operating structures based on customer and user preferences and interactions. Businesses will benefit from ongoing optimizations to their human services, environmental impact, safety & security, utilities, and operational intelligence. Stay ahead of the curve with the limitless potential of cognitive systems. 

Explore our tailored portfolio to support your business needs

Asset Performance Management

Using digital twins of assets to evolve traditional asset management approaches. 

Campus & District Control Center

Enabling a holistic, real-time campus & district view and extensive control options. 

Custom Solutions

Holistic, tailored end-to-end solutions, for even complex transformation projects. 

Data Consultancy Services

Enable a strategic approach to utilize data and identify new business opportunities. 

Digital Modeling

Boost infrastructure operational efficiency using digital models. City Graph is unleashing the power of data for smart infrastructures through an open, future-proof digital twin solution. 

Grid Planning and Control

Increased grid transparency allows advanced grid planning, better efficiency, peak load detection, and outage prevention. 

Large Scale Digital Transformation and End-to-End Services

Accelerating digital transformation from strategy to implementation for buildings, campuses & cities. 

Sustainability Check-up

Supporting clients to understand their sustainability maturity, identify most pressing issues and define concrete measures as next step. 

Underground Network Solutions 

Digitally transform your assets for improved safety, status transparence, predictive maintenance, smart scheduling, and control.

Cognitive Infrastructure case studies

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Dubai Municipality is strengthening its digital infrastructure and its Internet of Things (IoT) platform to embrace environmental sustainability and increase the quality of life of residents and visitors...

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Unlocking the digital future of a Swiss energy leader

Multi-tenant data platform based on Smart Meter integration. Learn how we unlocked the potential of the digital age for our client BKW Grid.

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