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Advanced Analytics, AI and Cybersecurity

We have all the ingredients to successfully leverage Advanced Analytics, AI and Cybersecurity in the industrial space. 

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Leading the way in AI-powered digital transformation and cybersecurity solutions

Siemens Advanta excels in digital transformation solutions, focusing on AI adoption and cyber risk mitigation. Our analytics expertise helps clients devise data strategies, identify opportunities, and deploy AI-powered solutions. We specialize in vulnerability management, risk assessment, and cybersecurity, offering customized solutions for IT and OT environments. With our comprehensive approach, incorporating technology and security measures, we position organizations for innovation. Optimize your digital journey with our industry-leading AI and cybersecurity solutions.

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Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

We conduct tailored cybersecurity risk assessments to ensure sustainable investments in IT and OT infrastructure and technology. 

Data Strategy

We combine our experience in business and technology to shape the data strategy of industrial companies.

Digital CFO

We cover the full scope of responsibility to convert finance organizations into highly efficient teams able to create and promote high quality decisions. 

Industrial AI

We accelerate our clients in their AI-first operating model from strategy definition to end-to-end implementation and scaling of business value across the organization. 

SCM Analytics

We guide our clients through their digitalization journey enabling them to achieve sustainability targets, process efficiency and to support strategic decision making. 

Spend Analytics

Vendigital as part of the Siemens Advanta organization, drives accelerated cost transformation through data.

Supplier Analytics

Vendigital as part of the Siemens Advanta organization, drives accelerated cost and supply chain performance transformation through data.

Zero Trust

We take cybersecurity protection to the next level by establishing a Zero Trust architecture with devices, applications, and network segments. 

Advanced Analytics case studies

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Defining and growing an analytics team

We helped our client develop AI and advanced analytics competencies. In competitive industries, businesses must deliver value quickly and efficiently. Our client aimed to enhance their analytics capabilities for better business functions and customer solutions...

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Making IT asset data available and usable

Effective IT asset management is essential for ensuring cybersecurity. Unfortunately, due to lack of data integration, IT asset management is often an inefficient manual process. Therefore, it is crucial to make IT asset data easily accessible and usable. To achieve this, a tailored data model can be employed to connect data sources and ensure real-time analytical readiness...

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Dr. Jochen Gross
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Dr. Ulli Waltinger
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Joan Miquel Padilla
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