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IoT demystified – Episode 1 & 2

Our first two episodes are all about demystifying IoT! Peter Körte, Chief Strategy Officer Siemens, and Aymeric Sarrazin, CEO Siemens Advanta, discuss the power of IoT: They uncover the truth behind legendary myths and a lot of the buzz around this topic. Is IoT just another trend that will pass? Does IoT cost a fortune? It’s hard to see through! Join the first two episodes, discover what lies behind the myths and learn how to overcome the hurdles to start your digital future. And then, be prepared for our next episode on October 15, featuring a special guest from the US!
Peter Körte
Peter Körte
Chief Strategy Officer Siemens
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Aymeric Sarrazin
Aymeric Sarrazin
CEO Siemens Advanta
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From response to reinvention: Using IoT to shape a more resilient future - Episode 3

We’re facing a health, economic and societal crisis – but how can societies and industries reinvent themselves in these intense periods of disruptions and take it as a powerful opportunity to create a more resilient future? Barbara Humpton, Siemens USA CEO, and a special guest who will be announced soon discuss this topic in episode three of the Siemens Advanta Podcast. Tune in for a positive outlook on how the increasing use of digital tools and IoT can shape more resilient industries, infrastructure & communities, create new digital jobs and foster a more inclusive, diverse workforce!

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Do you want to dive into the ocean of IoT but don't know how to get started? Would you like to know more about the possibilities that lie in the digital future? Are you into digital trends that revolutionize today's industries? – If so, this podcast is for you!

“Unlock the full potential of IoT” is a podcast series that talks to the innovators, the experts and the visionaries, who work, play and rest in the digital transformation. Join us!

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A podcast that delivers a 360-degree view of the latest IoT trends, explores practical ways to approach unique journeys and most important of all: reveals the possibilities and potential beyond the buzzword IoT!

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Our host

Oisin Lunny is an award-winning marketer, journalist, webinar and podcast host, public speaker, and professor of UX driven business. He is a senior contributor to, where he has written about Siemens smart city and IoT initiatives, and has also written for The Guardian, IT Pro Portal, Computer Business Review, and many others. He has been the chair and moderator of IoT and IIoT-related events in the whole world.

Oisin has worked in a series of leading global technology firms over the past 20 years as Global Product Manager, U.K. Country Manager, Technical VP, Senior Market Development Manager, and Chief Evangelist.