Roland Busch on the vision of digital transformation

What does it take to realize the vision of digital transformation?

Roland Busch
Tune in and get inspired by visionary insights from our Siemens CEO Roland Busch to unlock the full potential of the future!

Shorter time to market, more personalized products, reducing of resources and CO2 footprints, improving KPIs, more productivity, more potential, more future growth - it sounds like a no-brainer, but not every company in the world is embracing this transformation. Connecting the real and the digital world requires more than just technology. It is also about empowerment and growth mindset on the digital journey. So, instead of defending the past - start shaping the future!


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“It's about not defending the past rather than shaping the future

Roland Busch, President and CEO of Siemens AG
Oisin Lunny
Our host

Oisin Lunny is an award-winning marketer, journalist, webinar and podcast host, public speaker, and professor of UX driven business. He is a senior contributor to, where he has written about Siemens smart city and IoT initiatives, and has also written for The Guardian, IT Pro Portal, Computer Business Review, and many others. He has been the chair and moderator of IoT and IIoT-related events in the whole world.

Oisin has worked in a series of leading global technology firms over the past 20 years as Global Product Manager, U.K. Country Manager, Technical VP, Senior Market Development Manager, and Chief Evangelist.

Digital transformation deep dive