Customer Value Co-Creation for Digital Workflow Optimization

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Our client had to optimize their field service and increase efficiency of installed assets. Using Customer Value Co-Creation, we concretized their user journey and business model for digital workflow optimization.

Innovation & Business Models (Innovation & PLM)
Customer Engagement (Strategy & Transformation)
Customer Value Co-Creation


Our client wanted to elaborate possibilities of new digital solutions/services to improve customer satisfaction and experience. Our client's customers demand for increased efficiency of installed assets and field service force, to better serve their end users. The expectation was to develop the first tangible business opportunity in a very short time.


Bringing our client and their customers together in an agile and innovative Customer Value Co-Creation process, we identified personas, ideas and value propositions. In a three week project we validated an idea with elaborated user journey and business model and a concept ready for technical implementation at the client side. 


We developed a detailed user journey, came up with a concept for UX/UI, and quantified value estimates for the most attractive idea. The prototype was validated with end users. Finally we delivered the first building blocks of an application and defined the implementation plan.