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Accelerating innovation: The power of prototyping for customized solutions

The process of validating an idea or concept is critical for any solution. It allows our experts to create a preliminary solution that addresses a specific client problem or opportunity. We develop a basic version of the solution and test its effectiveness, feasibility, and user acceptance.  

Prototyping quickly validates assumptions, identifies potential issues, and refines the solution before investing significant resources in development. The prototype can be a physical product, software application, or mock-up of a process or service. Insights gained from prototyping inform the design and development of the final solution. Explore our offers for customized solutions. 

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Agile Software Development

Siemens Advanta translates a business vision into scalable outcomes in an agile, incremental, co-creation approach. 

Battery Manufacturing

Empowering EV battery manufacturers to leverage their data for accelerated development and delivery of products.

Green Lean Digital Factory

Accelerating the transformation of manufacturing sites and plat networks. 

Mendix App Factory

Improving performance across the supply chain and shop floor operations by leveraging the Mendix low code platform.

Value Identifying Studies

Proof of value to reduce risk before scaling transformation projects.

Strategic data analysis: Minimum Viable Data


Discover how strategic data analysis can revolutionize your decision-making process by identifying the Minimum Viable Data (MVD) needed to achieve your business objectives and streamline your data collection, processing, and storage. Learn how MVD can improve the accuracy and relevance of your analysis and help you avoid information overload and irrelevant data distractions. Join us to explore the potential of MVD in agile development methodologies and its applications in data analytics. 

Creating impactful prototypes

We implement a four-stage process in developing our solution prototypes in collaboration with our clients.

This typically includes:

In this stage, we define the problem or opportunity, establish the goals and objectives of the prototyping process, identify the key stakeholders, and set expectations for the prototype's development, testing, and evaluation.


In this stage, we develop a basic version of the solution using available resources and tools. The prototype should represent the key features and functionality of the proposed solution, but may not be fully functional or scalable.


Here, we create the prototype to evaluate its effectiveness, usability, and user acceptance. Our teams collect feedback from key stakeholders and ensure this input allows the prototype to be refined and enhanced.


We assess the results from testing to make informed decisions about the next steps of the prototype. This could include extending the prototype, moving into a scale-up phase, or closing the project due to the outcomes.


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