Siemens Advanta offers comprehensive implementation services to make your envisioned digital transformation solutions come to life.

When viewed from the outside, harnessing the ever-evolving power of digital transformation may seem like a daunting task. Your company needs to know where to begin its digital journey and how to leverage the power of incoming data – without the right focus, costs can begin to mount, threatening to jeopardize any project. We can establish solid foundations to develop world-class solutions and enjoy smooth deployments, backed by years of industry experience and a global team of experts. Let us collaborate to ensure your projects are in scope, on time, on budget and with excellent quality so that you’re ready to unlock your digital future.

Explore our tailored portfolio to support your business needs

Applied Industry Analytics

We leverage data analytics and machine learning for strategic growth, innovation, and operational excellence.

Enterprise Architecture & Solution Assessment

Technology consulting for business value and IoT Solutions.

Solutions Prototyping

Explore our specialized Solutions Prototyping offers tailored to meet your unique business needs.

Solutions Development

We deliver customized digital solutions through end-to-end product development and system integration.

IoT Implementation

We combine the IT and OT worlds to unlock the value of your data.

Our industry leaders

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Daniel Felicio
A customer-focused transformation leader, Daniel drives the digital transformation discussion for EMEA. Having spent more than 20 years with Siemens, Daniel was most recently CEO of Siemens Advanta Solutions.
Daniel Felicio
Head of Siemens Advanta EMEA
Rani Russell Shea
After a successful and diverse 25-year legal career, Rani Russell Shea is leading the North American team in our shared culture of innovation. Rani is deeply passionate about gender equality, is the proud mom of two amazing adults, and enjoys tennis, weightlifting and hiking.
Rani Russell Shea
Head of Siemens Advanta NAM