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Solutions Development

Helping our clients achieve their business objectives by creating digital products that drive their business success. 

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Delivering customized digital solutions through end-to-end product development and system integration

We provide an end-to-end approach for digital product development, combining specialists in Design Thinking, usability, cutting-edge technologies, and experts with specific industry knowledge. We work closely with our clients to comprehend their unique needs and create customized solutions that generate meaningful outcomes for their business objectives. Our client-centric approach enables us to deliver exceptional results for distinct business requirements

When it comes to integrating systems and services, no two infrastructures are created equal. System integration improves your working relationships with customers and partners while increasing workflow efficiency and lowering operational costs. We develop the appropriate solution architecture and deployment plan for your enterprise – all with a modular, security-first approach.

Explore our tailored portfolio to support your business needs

Agile Software Development

Siemens Advanta translates a business vision into scalable outcomes in an agile, incremental, co-creation approach. 

Battery Manufacturing

Empowering EV battery manufacturers to leverage their data for accelerated development and delivery of products.

Boost Infrastructure Operational Efficiency

City Graph is unleashing the power of data for smart infrastructures through an open, future-proof digital twin solution.

Campus Control Center

Enabling a holistic, real-time campus view and extensive control options. 

Custom Solutions

Holistic, tailored end-to-end solutions, for even complex transformation projects.

Digital Twin Services for Real Estate

Enabling the full potential of buildings, campuses and districts to be realized with a flexible, open digital twin solution. 

Green Lean Digital Factory

Accelerating the transformation of manufacturing sites and plat networks.

Mendix App Factory

Improving performance across the supply chain and shop floor operations by leveraging the Mendix low code platform.

Meter Data Monitoring

Based on Open Source components, Siemens Advanta provides meter data process insights and KPI dashboards, improving efficiency and minimizing errors.

Solution Co-creation

Co-creating digital solutions with business impact.

IoT development services

Our IoT industrial custom development services provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of businesses. Our solutions go beyond off-the-shelf offerings and focus on creating custom hardware and software solutions that are specifically designed for a particular business or industry. Our domain and enterprise architects use their deep understanding of desired use cases to offer more than just IT services. 

Check out some examples of our IoT industrial custom development services below:

Designing and building IoT devices that are tailored to a business's needs for monitoring equipment performance, tracking inventory, and managing supply chains. 

Custom IoT Device Development:

Creating software applications that work with a business's IoT devices for data analytics, real-time monitoring, and automation. 

Custom IoT Application Development:

Focusing on integrating IoT technology with existing industrial systems through custom interfaces or connectors.

Integration with Existing Systems:

Incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence into industrial processes, such as developing predictive maintenance algorithms that detect equipment failures before they happen. 

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence:

Developing custom cloud services that store and analyze IoT data tailored to a business's specific needs and can be integrated with existing systems. 

Cloud Services:

Solutions Development case studies

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