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When viewed from the outside, harnessing the ever-evolving power of IoT may seem like a daunting task. Your company needs to know where to begin its digital journey and how to leverage the power of incoming data – without the right focus, costs can begin to mount, threatening to jeopardize any project. We can establish solid foundations to develop world-class solutions and enjoy smooth deployments, backed by years of industry experience and a global team of experts. Let us collaborate to ensure your projects are in scope, on time, on budget and with excellent quality so that you’re ready to unlock your digital future.


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IoT use cases delivered

Your IoT needs are unique like your fingerprint. Whether it’s smart metering, intelligent cities, predictive maintenance, energy management, industrial process optimisation, or any of several other IoT use cases, any choices you make has to support your end goal. Our project managers guide our combined teams to success in any type of project, from small solutions to large and complex infrastructure deployments. Together, we approach any project with the certainty that you will enjoy smooth, reliable implementations and results, and future projects you undertake are backed by proven methodologies and highly skilled professionals.


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Defne Özlem Ekmekci Sayar
Defne Özlem Ekmekci Sayar
Solutions Head of Global Project Management & Operations
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Bernd Issler
Bernd Issler
Development Head of Global Delivery & Operations
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