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Reducing the Risk of Cybersecurity Attacks

Constellation Brands - The largest brewery of the world


Constellation Brands, Inc. (CBI) is a leading international producer and marketer of beer, wine, and spirits with operations in the United States, Mexico, New Zealand, and Italy.​

"Siemens has been our partner for Automation for many years. Bringing in Siemens Advanta enabled us to establish the Brewery Security Program and enable our OT team to step into this new domain, partner with IT Security and develop the right controls to achieve our target maturity. In addition to OT Security we are also partnering to further shape our digital manufacturing strategy. "

- Chris Renken, VP, Engineering, Automation, Digitalization

Companies are faced with increasing cybersecurity threats for their operations technology, no formal OT cybersecurity controls, processes, and behaviors exist to counter the emerging threat landscape.​

Client Challenge

As a cross-functional Siemens team, we built a holistic OT cybersecurity program based on an initial maturity assessment. The program aims at managing cyber risk through the deployment of effective OT cybersecurity controls addressing governance, people, processes, and technology.​

Our Approach
  • Protection against malicious attacks on the brewery environment​
  • Mature, adaptive, and antonymous security solutions​
  • High-performing and collaborative risk-oriented culture 
The Impact

The journey of Cyber Security is constantly evolving, and we’ve chosen to embrace the IT/OT convergence to leverage the power and perspectives of both teams’ environments. It is critical to continue to balance the production needs of the business with the risks of not being able to. Siemens Advanta team and their cross-domain expertise were a core asset along our journey to greater OT security maturity.​

Grant Brasher,​ Senior Director, Automation Engineering​

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