Maintenance 4.0 – just a buzzword, or already a reality?

We integrate innovative technologies into your maintenance processes and thereby expand your portfolio and push automation.

What is the concept?

Maintenance 4.0 is a holistic approach to improve asset availability in industrial settings. It is the application of digitalization and industry 4.0 technologies to enhance classical maintenance approaches and unlock further potentials for our clients.

Challenges for our clients that will put new demands towards maintenance in the near future include an increasingly competitive environment, the need for high availability, reliability and throughput of assets, whole-life cost optimization and new service business models.

Companies are struggling to find an effective approach to identify value propositions for different personas and prioritize relevant technologies to implement promising use cases.

Our Maintenance 4.0 approach looks at business impact, operational needs and technological innovations to find the right solution for our clients. It is based on the experience we have gained in our own Siemens Service businesses as well as manufacturing sites in recent years.

What are the advantages?

Implementing maintenance 4.0 can create several benefits for equipment operators as well as industrial service organizations.


 Higher asset availability through reduction of unscheduled downtime of critical equipment.


 Reduced operational cost (OPEX) by monitoring equipment and avoiding excessively costly emergency repairs and minimize spare parts inventories through condition-based and/or predictive approaches.


 Enhanced safety and security by implementing remote or virtual methods of conducting maintenance. This minimizes hazardous situations for maintenance personnel and reduces the need for a physical presence on site.


Optimized resource management and sustainability through more accurate planning for spare parts and equipment repairs.


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Bernhard Sander
Bernhard Sander
Associate Partner. Service Innovation
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