MDMS & KMS Implementation

MDMS & KMS Implementation

for Austrian DSO Wiener Netze



Wiener Netze, owned by Vienna Holding, is the largest Austrian DSO, providing the city of Vienna and surroundings with electricity and gas. 

Wiener Netze needed to establish a future proof scalable metering platform serving more than 2 million metering points, in the process optimizing meter to cash, meter operations and maintenance.​

It required a flexible architecture which allows the organization to seamlessly integrate the latest technologies while supporting existing legacy systems and future applications and business processes.​

An additional legal requirement for the customer was to work with asymmetric keys maintained in a separate KMS system.

Client Challenge

Siemens Advanta provided the solution design for key meter data management (MDM) features, meter operations system based on MDM data (MOC) and secure Key management system (KMS).​

IoT device integration was enabled to allow direct interaction with IoT assets, unlocking the ability to offer additional and new services.​

An integration into existing IT landscape with various billing, energy data management, master data, and head-end systems was complemented by custom developments for client specific requirements.

Our Approach

The customer’s operational efficiency improved through increased data transparency and integrity. The client’s IT system environment is now streamlined with end-2-end business processes. Scalability and functionality of data handling capabilities is set to manage future growth, ramping up towards more than 2 million active smart meters.

The Impact