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City Air Management

Improving air quality using data

City Air Management is a cloud-based software designed to help conurbations reduce air pollution. It gathers emissions data in real-time and simulates measures that improve air quality – enabling decision-makers to remedy high emissions using reliable data. Highly-accurate air quality forecasts are projected for the next five days, using a sophisticated algorithm based on historical data, weather input and current data.

Siemens City Air Management tool and consulting help cities identify methods to avert poor air quality in the short term and to build a strategy for longer-term technology change. City Air Management monitors and forecasts air quality and simulates actions that a city can take in the short term to avert breaches of air quality standards and limit respiratory stress on the most vulnerable citizens.

By ensuring data-driven decision making, cities are able to save on costs, maximize efficiency and foster long-term air quality improvements.

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Poor air quality is the number one environmental cause of premature death in the EU, and policymakers have been taking air pollution extremely seriously. The City Air Management Tool (CyAM) has been designed to help countries to fulfill the stricter national emission targets for the main pollutants to improve air quality in cities.

For better air quality in cities

Europe’s Clean Air Policy Package, adopted on December 18, 2013, introduced stricter national emission ceilings for the six main pollutants – particulate matter, photochemical oxidants and ground-level ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and lead.

However, many countries are struggling to implement it. Siemens CyAM application is a formidable tool to help them do so.

Clean air policy

Built upon Siemens’ technology expertise and global database, CyAM is able to calculate the impact of more than 80 technologies from energy to transport. Specifically within China’s industry on environmentally-related KPIs, CyAM calculated PM2.5, PM10, NOx, etc., regarding to the extent to which air quality can be improved. It also analyzes other social-economic related KPIs, such as CAPEX and OPEX, to design and provide the most effective technology roadmap and policy-making decisions.

How the tool works

Together with air pollution forecasting methods, the CyAM capabilities help cities activate short-term measures, such as pollution charging, free public transport, etc., a few days before emissions exceed defined limits. It will also stimulate air quality improvements for the upcoming years, including the increased usage of e-mobility and the implementation of Low Emission Zones.

How CyAM Air helps cities make the right decisions

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