Successful Turnaround of Loss-Making Power Equipment Manufacturer

A power equipment manufacturer was experiencing significant losses due to a declining market and increased competition on prices. By analyzing end-to-end operations, challenging long-held beliefs, and implementing ambitious changes, the company's profit margin increased from negative to 10% within two years of the engagement. The implementation of various growth measures helped the company increase its market share and revenue, while a rigorous cost program improved overall competitiveness.

The client's business was undergoing drastic changes in light of the energy transition, leading to significant losses.

Client Challenge

We jointly defined a holistic and aspirational turnaround masterplan considering both growth and cost improvement levers. Following our one-team approach, we supported the creation of measures to achieve the ambitious targets set for a short and mid-term timeframe.

Our Approach

The client successfully achieved a turnaround, resulting in double-digit profit margins and growth.

The Impact

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Dr. Dennis Warnecke
Dr. Dennis Warnecke
Global Consulting Head Energy