R&D Transformation

Unleash the power of engineering organizations by delivering sustainable, software-defined, and customer-centric products. 

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Embracing change: Navigating paradigm shifts in product-centric organizations and engineering departments

Product-centric organizations and their R&D and engineering departments are facing unprecedented changes in their environments, leading to paradigm shifts in their ways of working. Closer customer intimacy, the anticipation of dynamic markets, and the flexible reaction to changes in customers' and regulatory needs have become more important than ever. 

The tremendous shift towards developing software-defined products, offered with or accompanied by new business models, requires the ability to collaborate in ecosystems with a variety of different players. 

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Circular Economy

With a growing concern for sustainability and an increase in resource demand, coupled with limited availability and shrinking CO2 budgets, the time to act more sustainably and shift towards a circular future is now. 

End-of-Life / Recycling Management

The steady increase in commodity prices, regulatory requirements, and supply shortages make end-of-life programs and recycling management a strategic imperative for resilient companies. 

Future Product Development

We support the digital transformation of your R&D processes and organization to empower you to secure a sustainable competitive advantage in rapidly evolving product landscapes. 

Modularization in the Digital Age

In order to be able to offer competitive products, products in the digital age must be designed holistically - where hardware and software components seamlessly integrate together. 

Scaled Agile Transformation

Siemens Advanta supports its clients in Scaled Agile Transformation, to speed up the operating model of clients’ ecosystems for IOT solutions and new digital services.

Empower engineering organizations with sustainable, customer-centric software products


Furthermore, leveraging the power of digitalization in operational processes is a strong means to raise efficiency and competitiveness within the product delivery ecosystem while managing the global shortage of skilled software and hardware engineers. 

In addition to the challenges posed by digitalization, developing sustainable and environmentally friendly products has become a mission-critical objective. At the same time, taking circularity into account for future products is expected by both regulators and customers. 

Last but not least, these transformations must be achieved without compromising quality and product compliance. 

Facing these challenges and tackling them as early as possible is inevitable to secure economic success by delivering value to customers through products and related services. At Siemens Advanta, we have a strong heritage and successful track record in transforming and improving engineering ecosystems and organizations to cope with a changing environment and market. 

R&D Transformation case studies

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