Mindsphere City Graph

Unleash the power of data for Smart Cities through openness, AI, and live execution in Digital Twins.

You aim for improving operational efficiency but worry about cost, openness, privacy, and citizen support?


You would like to digitally transform your district, campus, or infrastructure using data and advanced analytics to make it more efficient and secure, but don't know if your data is sufficient, what access is needed, and what values can be realized?



Siemens Advanta and Microsoft are working together to address your core challenges and developing MindSphere City Graph - an Open Urban Platform, which supports digital models of urban design, providing rich context to enable the new generation of city applications. It is built on Siemens MindSphere cloud based open IoT platform, that connects all kind of devices and models the relationship between spaces, devices, and people in a graph. It utilizes Microsoft services including Azure Digital Twins, Azure IoT Hub, Azure Active Directory, ML and advanced analytics. The platform will offer cities the possibility to break through information silos and have for the first-time access to information put in proper context.



Gain transparency, uncover your cities inefficiencies & build holistic approaches by using the City Graph

Identify changes

Control and identify changes as they happen enabled by an entire ecosystem of data

Sustainability Goals

Get one step closer to achieving your sustainability goals and compliance with our smart solution


Unleash the power of data for Smart Cities through openness, AI and live execution in Digital Twins.

To get a fair digital representation of a city we need to create a model of the reality and have the possibility to add context to the entities, e.g. relationships between city operational systems and data bases. Therefore, different domains (electricity, individual and public transportation, waste disposal, etc.) can be merged in one digital city model. Having a graph with entities of the real world and enriching them with live data coming from connected devices and integrated legacy systems and their relationships is the key enabler to control the present, track the past and predict the future.


  • Digital Twin: Improve network capacity by providing Digital Twin – real time contextual data modeling
  • Data Sources: Fast and easy deployment of complex relations of data sources
  • The Cloud: Optimizing your business operations by connecting your existing assets and data sources
  • Open urban IoT platform: Optimize operations through the integration of our Open urban IoT platform
  • Open standard: Digital Twins are defined through the open sourced DTDL.
  • Open Data: Data from the graph model or the data lake can be provided to the public as open data
  • Built-in simulation engine: Operational configuration to test assumptions or new processes/procedures
  • Community sharing: Implement the cross-city digital feedback loop GitHub for each use case – and share learnings and IoT evolutions

Our Awards

We are honored to pronounce that our groundbreaking solution MindSphere City Graph has already been recognized globally and awarded with the World Smart City 2020 Award in the category Urban Environment and the IDC Award in the category Resilient Infrastructure for our project with Aspern Smart City Research, recognizing pioneering projects, ideas, and strategies that make cities around the world more livable, sustainable, and economically viable.

IDC Award
Roman Tobler

Discover how we unlocked the full potential of ASCR

 “IT/OT integration skills were one key success factor for developing this IoT solution to generate value for Aspern Smart City Research and it shall support us to improve real-time transparency of our grid, not only to cope with the rising demand of eVehicles today, but to proactively address new business models in the near future.”

Roman Tobler, Manager at ASCR and Wiener Netze

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