Let´s Talk: Your Interview With Us.

How to prepare for your interview.

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Who we‘re looking for

Come as you are and become part of our team! 
We’re looking for curious minds with a passion for digital change. It’s one of our core beliefs that diverse teams deliver better outcomes – and that’s why there’s no universal answer to whom we’re looking for. Of course, there are a few boxes you need to check:

  • An excellent academic track record
  • The ability to work as part of a team
  • And a general sense of confidence

Applying as a consultant: step-by-step

We want to get to know you – and we really mean it. We’re not only interested in your professional and educational background, but also in your personality! Our selection process varies depending on the location and position, you’re interested in. Generally, we encourage you to apply four to six months prior to your preferred start date.

CV screening

Submit your application through our online application tool, which requires you to provide your CV, references, and certificates.

First round interview

We'll schedule an initial video interview with one of our recruiting managers to get to know you, your personality, your story and what motivates you.

Final round of interviews

The final round consists of three additional interviews with our consulting team. Showcase your analytical and business skills by solving case studies and convince us with your personality.

Our interviews

To us, interviews are always a two-way street: We want to get to know you and we also invite you to get to really know us! Be prepared to share who you are and what you’re capable of. When we’re interviewing potential new colleagues, our goal is to see if they have what it takes in terms of team spirit and growth potential. 

During your interview process, you’ll typically deal with two types of interviews: Personality interviews and case interviews. 

This traditional type of job interview is all about assessing your skills and experience in relation to the role that you’re applying for. We ask you to tell us more about yourself and what drives you and give us a better idea about your personality. You should be able to walk us through your CV, but also tell us why you want to join us. 

Personality interview

Case study interviews are an opportunity for you to demonstrate your problem-solving skills. They help us get a better idea of your business sense, the way you communicate, your numerical skills, and any specialist expertise you might have.   

Case interview

Prepping for your interview

Feeling nervous about your interview? Remember that it's all about finding the right fit. Your skill set and experience are important, but so are your personality and values. As you prepare, think about examples from your past experiences and the challenges you've faced. Interviews are an opportunity to determine if we're a good match for each other. Don't be afraid to make the most of it!

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Getting ready for your case study interview.

Not sure what our case studies might be like? Take a look at our practice case study to find out more.

Download case study

Interview tips from our consultants

To help you prepare best for your interviews, we’ve gathered together some useful interview tips from our colleagues.

Be present and listen intently! What will set you apart is your authenticity and your ability to showcase how you fit into the team. Tell us your story. We wish you the best of luck and hope to welcome you soon! 

Julia, Consultant

Case studies: show that you come prepared and try to communicate in a structured way, using examples. Behavioral questions: review Siemens Advanta Consulting's values and tell us whether they align with yours. There are no perfect answers, just be yourself! 

Damla, Consultant

Approach the interview as an opportunity to showcase your skills and to find out more about the company. Look at it as a two-way discussion and focus on how you can add value to the team. Listen carefully, maintain an open mind, and respond concisely while remaining humble throughout the process. 

Jeyashree, Consultant Advanced Analytics

Stay calm and be yourself. We at Siemens Advanta Consulting look for candidates that encompass a strong balance between intellect and personality. These important qualities are best displayed by maintaining a sense of calmness. Good luck! 

Anisha, Project Leader

Be confident and communicate effectively. Showcase your problem-solving skills. Ask questions and show that you’re a team player. Apart from having the right skill set, it all comes down to personal fit. 

Ismail, Senior Consultant

Prepare by making yourself familiar with Siemens Advanta Consulting and the industries Siemens is operating in. Practice both cases and behavioral questions, and demonstrate your problem-solving skills, teamwork ability, and passion for consulting. 

Julian, Consultant

Enter your job interview thoroughly prepared. Be confident and know to point out how your qualities and experience match the role you’re applying for. However, keep in mind that the interview is not only about demonstrating your qualifications, but also an opportunity to find out whether the company and its culture fit in with your values. 

Alexandru, Senior Consultant

Be yourself! You’ve already impressed us with your application, so take this opportunity to make a personal connection. Get to know the interviewer and ask questions to learn more about our business, our people, and our passion. 

Emma, Associate Partner

Demonstrate to us that you’re flexible and a great team player. This is very important as you will work with international and cross-functional teams in large-scale, highly innovative end-customer projects. 

Johannes, Project Leader

We’re thrilled to meet you.

Our recruiting events are a great way to get to know each other. Have your questions answered, meet our people, experience our culture, and gain firsthand insights into our work. Nothing beats a personal conversation, which is why we're looking forward to meeting you! 

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