Going Hybrid in Industrial IoT

How a holistic data placement strategy solves the edge versus cloud decision.


By Rainer Vossler I February 08, 2022


Have your thoughts ever circled around the question: edge or cloud – cloud or edge? In industrial IoT one of the most crucial decisions when kicking off your journey is: where to store, collect and operate the data? There are obviously plenty of benefits of cloud and edge computing solutions ranging from cybersecurity and resilience to fast deployment and cost-effectiveness. But which factors do you actually need to consider when setting up a data placement strategy?

Based on our unique experience in digital factory environments, we identified several company as well as use case specific factors to make the groundbreaking decision between edge and cloud. 

In the end, being successful in IIoT means to go hybrid between both solutions. 

Download our whitepaper and learn which factors to consider when unlocking the full potential of your IIoT journey!

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Rainer Vossler
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