Creating Value from Data

Identifying digital service opportunities to unlock business potential in the digital age.

By Juergen Grabenhofer | February 26, 2021

The rising importance and spread of digital technologies in the business environment, leads to an ever-growing amount of data owned by businesses. Leveraging this data can be crucial to maintain a company’s competitive advantage, retain customers and grow the revenue. However, this data often remains unstructured and is characterized by tangled data streams and scattered data sources. Therefore, many companies struggle to identify digital service potentials from it and further implement new offerings into their traditional service landscape.


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To create value from your data, 4 steps are crucial for success: 

  • Developing a data landscape to create transparency of data sources and streams
  • Determining a digital service strategy
  • Identifying new data-driven offerings 
  • Implementing the measures into a company's service landscape

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Jürgen Grabenhofer
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