A man with AI glasses.

AI-Driven Forecasting


Accurate and efficient forecasting is of paramount importance to all organizations. To be able to meet their customer demands, companies need to predict KPIs including orders and inventories, in as “real time” as possible. However, forecasting is often highly complex and is a heavy consumer of resources. As predictions are usually based on the subjective estimations of a complex map of stakeholders, they often lack accuracy. Moreover, manual forecasting processes are slower to anticipate, capture and react to the major shifts in the market. This is where AI-driven forecasting can help optimize those processes by leveraging internal and external data, using algorithms and machine learning techniques to automate and enhance the forecasting process.

Based on experiences, we have developed a unique approach to tackle this complex problem through leveraging the power of advanced analytics. In our webinar, our experts will share with you our approach and key learnings and give you a glimpse of how it has been possible to increase forecast accuracy and efficiency, delivering greater transparency to our clients.


Title: AI-driven Forecasting

Duration: 1 hour