Low Voltage Grid Insights & Management Solution

Real-time network state transparency for grid planning and control

Low voltage / medium voltage grid digitalization helps providers offer more flexibility for EV charging and renewables integration.

Evolution towards digital transformation

The global DER (Distributed Energy Resource) capacity is expected to more than double in the next ten years at a double-digit compound annual growth rate (CAGR).
This ongoing transformation of the energy system will greatly increase the complexity in the distribution grid. Digitalization brings an additional degree of freedom for distribution grid operators to maximize the utilization of the existing network and adopt a proactive role in integrating and managing DERs.

Master the challenges of a decentralized

energy ecosystem!

digital electrical twin

Our solution for your digitalization journey: Low Voltage Grid Insights & Management

The Siemens Advanta Low Voltage Grid Insights & Management Solution is a modular, secured and scalable IoT solution based on latest technologies. The offering includes a wide range of components, services and applications.

The core of our solution consists of a digital twin of the Low Voltage Grid which allows the simulation of all network states caused by the volatility of DER and EV charging stations. Deployment of additional IoT devices in the network, providing data to the platform, will lead to a higher accuracy of the digital twin.

Unlock the potential of smart meter data

In our experience, grid operators can already benefit from additional data even in the early stages of a smart meter roll-out. Our solution allows the estimation of a realistic load flow and the utilization of the entire Low Voltage Grid, even with limited available smart meter data.

In one of our recent engagements we supported a European utility to determine the aggregated load profiles for the individual low voltage stations. The available meter data from the Meter Data Management System were utilized in compliance with the regulatory requirements, such as anonymity of individual consumption data through aggregation. The aim is to make these load profiles available for further use cases such as network calculation in network planning, connection assessment of new loads, and as well as for grid operation.

Examples of other enabled data-driven use cases are:

  • the determination of trends in the consumption of the individual stations and strands,
  • tracking the changes in the consumption patterns, as well as
  • the state estimation of individual cable sections’ utilization, and
  • the provision of operating reserves for flexibility operators.


By implementing a tailored solution step-by-step, we support you to increase the value of your distribution infrastructure and to gain the digital capabilities to master the challenges of a decentralized energy ecosystem:

Enhanced transparency of
network assets’ condition and health

Optimized and cost-efficient
utilization of grid infrastructure

Improved reliability of
power supply and customer satisfaction

Enabled use cases for one example DSO



    The visual displays what the mapping of one exemplary DSO could look like. Example use cases enabled by the Low Voltage Grid Insights & Management Solution address KPIs like process efficiency, cost savings, or safety, and include

    • Automated connection assessment
    • Network planning invest / reinvest
    • Outage management
    • Monitoring of power quality & line utilization
    • Congestion management
    • Flexibility operation

    More impact with growing solution maturity and intelligence

    On the basis of a digital twin of the distribution grid, advanced analytics applications of the Low Voltage Grid Insights & Management Solution allow to forecast impact of distributed energy resources, automate grid planning and -control processes, and open the door for even more sophisticated use cases like active grid control and flexibility operation. 


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