Akin, Senior Consultant

University: Boğaziçi University

Field of study: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Management


Our consultant and operations enthusiast Akin works with manufacturers and advises them on using digitalization technologies. “When we talk about the digital economy, manufacturing might not be the first thing that comes to mind”, he admits. “And yet, there’s enormous potential – and it’s eye-opening to see how our work has an immediate effect on-site.” Akin has a background in Operations. Before joining Siemens Advanta, Akin was already working in consulting as well as at a Siemens manufacturing site in Turkey. “I decided to go into consulting because I was looking for a more dynamic work environment”, he says.

His experience in operations and manufacturing proves to be a big asset when it comes to assessing the clients’ needs. Akin likes that life in consulting never gets dull. “I like to be challenged. My work requires me to step out of my comfort zone and enables me to grow both professionally and personally.” Akin’s experience in manufacturing and his international focus make him a perfect addition to our team – and we’re really happy he took the leap into consulting!