Digital Twin End2End Journey

From Consulting to Solution Design and Implementation


Digitalization offers open vast new opportunities for the real estate sector, like gaining comprehensive insights of buildings and campuses, increasing health and wellbeing of tenants and or accelerating decarbonization. In this respect, digital twins act as a bridge between the real and digital world.


Smart buildings are feeding information to a virtual environment, where information can be bundled and presented in a holistic way. This already enables a fast and easy access to information and can create opportunities as well as true competitive advantage.


A digital twin is enabled by the right digital strategy, IoT devices, various types of system integration, cloud computing and analytical models. One of the prerequisites for us is establishing the digital core, which integrates data into a common data layer by collecting and sorting data from various sources and providing a data model.

    Start your Digital Twin Journey from wherever you are:

    Define the Business Target Outcome

    During the discovery phase, our expert team helps you to define your vision and together we create a clear concept to realize your business potential.

    Calculate the Return on Investment

    For each use case we will evaluate the potential savings due to for example reduced maintenance costs or increased efficiency and outline possible new revenue streams.

    Create the Digital Twin Solution

    A holistic and scalable solution design will be created which includes the digital core, serving as the foundation for the defined use cases and is fitting to the already available infrastructure and ecosystem.

    Implement the Digital Twin

    ​​​​​​Your unique digital twin solution will be implemented as 2D, 3D, or AI digital twin (4D) by our professional team of data analysts, solution architects, UX designers and project managers

    Scale the digital twin throughout your business

    The digital twin can be scaled throughout your business, but also additional use cases can be added to improve ROI, well-being and sustainability.

    Why us?

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    We support your team to tackle your unique challenges with our expert team of building experts, data analysts, solution architects, UX designers, project managers and financial consultants.



    Profit from our experience from hundreds of use cases to match your specific requirements.



    We bring in state-of-the-art technology, are experienced with diverse ecosystems and have a network of partners worldwide to define the right option suiting your needs.



    • System integration - connectivity
    • Data intelligence (analytics and monitoring)
    • Data driven business models
    • Edge & cloud computing
    • Cybersecurity
    • ROI & reporting

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    The Business purpose of Digital Twins - creating intelligent Ecosystems in Real Estate

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    Digital Twin for Energy for Districts

    As the energy demand for e-car charging is already increasing significantly and will be one of the major energy consumers within a city’s infrastructure in the future, Siemens Advanta supported ASCR to find a solution on how they can model the energy demand of electrical vehicles and their impact on the electricity grid. The resilient infrastructure solution is powered by MindSphere City Graph. 

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    Connected devices over a city

    All Energy-related Data at a Glance

    With the City Graph Suite Siemens Advanta helped Stadtwerk Haßfurt to combine the entire electrical power flow in their grid on one screen. They now have the possibility to identify correlations within the energy related data at a glance. The so-created digital twin serves as cross domain data hub and provides the foundation for expanding city-wide use cases like for buildings or transportation.

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