A multitude of external factors, such as increasing commodity prices, stricter regulatory requirements, and material shortages due to geopolitical conflicts (decoupling), turn the sustainable handling of products towards the end of their life cycle into a decisive competitive factor. Derived from practical expertise, our consulting offering helps efficiently secure your supply and market access by closing the circular loop.


  • Developing effective and profitable end-of-life programs to support growth and sustainability 
  • Ensuring long-term access to competitively priced strategic secondary materials 
  • Creating partnerships and ecosystems to enable circular models 
What we can do for you
  • Leverage R-strategies (e.g., reuse, reman, recycle) to preserve components and materials in a closed loop 
  • Reduce your carbon footprint through increased use of recycled materials 
  • Increase resilience of your supply chain through reduced dependency on primary resources 
  • Grow revenue through new circular business models (e.g., as-a-service, repair, remanufacture) 
  • Improve brand reputation and customer loyalty through sustainable practices 



Our industry leaders

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Christian Neumann
Christian Neumann
Global Consulting Expert Circular Economy
Johannes Schreyer
Johannes Schreyer
Global Consulting Expert R&D Transformation