Circular Economy

A growing concern for sustainability, combined with raw material scarcity, necessitates closing the loop and developing new circular solutions. Our consulting services can assist your business in navigating this transformation. With decades of expertise in sustainability, product lifecycle management, and product architecture design, we can support you in implementing solutions that not only benefit the environment but also increase profitability and stakeholder value. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business become a leader in circularity. 


  • Definition of appropriate R-Strategies for designing products, components, and services 
  • Regulatory check and maturity assessment 
  • Product (architecture) design strategy 
What we can do for you
  • Determine R-strategies for your specific situation - as each product and service requires a tailored approach 
  • Develop a best-fit modular architecture to reflect circular requirements 
  • Provide your engineers with guardrails to develop more sustainable products and services 
  • Use best-in-class technology to increase your sustainability 
  • Gain a competitive advantage by being at the forefront of complying with upcoming regulations 



Our industry leaders

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Markus Forthaus
Markus Forthaus
Global Consulting Partner R&D Transformation
Christian Neumann
Christian Neumann
Global Consulting Expert Circular Economy
Dr. Philipp Lill
Dr. Philipp Lill
Global Consulting Expert R&D Transformation