#NextWork - Up- and Reskill your workforce to tackle structural change

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Digital transformation and structural change yield immense challenges for an organization’s workforce. New competences and skills need to be developed to adapt to digital processes and tools – revolutionizing traditional job roles. This creates a huge need for upskilling and reskilling measures in order to close the gap between the workforce of today and the workforce of the future. However, executives often lack transparency on future requirements and therefore cannot derive concrete implications for their organizations.

Based on our experiences in several projects, we at Siemens Advanta and HR have developed a unique approach to tackle structural changes in order to build a future-proof workforce. In our session, our experts will share our Siemens approach and key learnings and give a glimpse on how we can create tangible and long-lasting impact for our clients.

Interested? Join our webinar to get direct insights how we shape the future of work at Siemens and beyond. 

Title: #NextWork - Up- and reskill your Workforce to tackle Structural Change
Date: Wednesday, October 7, 2020
Time: 11:00 AM Central European Summer Time
Duration: 1 hour