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Underground Network Solutions

A Metropolian Smart City Solution

The underground for us is the basement of every metropolitan city. It is the "machine room" that keeps things running. Although not usually visible, a lot of activities take place behind the scene as cities continue to maintain an extensive network of infrastructure. And if this "machine room" comes to a standstill or operations do not run as planned, our everyday city life can get affected. Hence, it is essential to constantly monitor the underground network to ensure an uninterrupted city life.

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Preserving safety requires vigilance and transparency. As of today, this is mainly achievable by regularly scheduled routine manual work, which is not only expensive, but time intensive and physically demanding.

With our Underground Network Solution, control and maintenance operations can be optimized using developing technologies which enables early detection, quick remedy, and incident prevention. By minimizing incidents that could occur, we are able to increase the quality of life, safety, and well-being of each citizen – while saving time, increasing reliability, and reducing costs.

Learn more about which key technolgies and skills we use to set up your underground network solution:

What do we offer?


  • Consulting on IoT Solution:
    Strategy, Operational, Digital and Solution Consulting
  • Connecting of a broad range of assets:
    already equipped with sensors or provided by one of our partners
  • Implementing cloud and / or on-premise solution:
    Bespoken to your (security) needs and preferences
  • Integration with existing systems:
    incl. API development, installation, maintenance and operations
  • Providing insights & recommendations:
    using our domain Data Analytics and Machine Learning know-how
  • Optimized UX/UI for various devices:
    incl. web interfaces, large control rooms and hand-held devices
  • Physical inspection of suspect assets:
    to fix errors before they occur - leveraging our partners
  • Training of staff and change management  

We bring together the necessary skillsets to implement state-of-the-art underground network solutions. Our team is comprised of top players with deep experience across sectors and industry vertical which allows us to provide end-to-end IoT Solutions. With the combination of our technical expertise and unique domain know-how, we are able to develop tailor-made solutions based on our client’s individual challenges.


The Underground Network Solution is for all utility providers, who keep their assets underground.


Manhole Cover Monitoring

Manholes get under infrastructure pressure and usually prone to mal-functions situations. These situations can be avoided with installed sensors that can continuously collect and transmit data on the asset condition and provide a holistic picture of their situation at all times.

The sensors can trigger alarms as soon as a malfunction occurs, and analysis of the data can help predict and initiate repairs before a catastrophic event occurs. Not only can critical incidents be prevented, but checks can be carried out in an orderly and optimized fashion, savings costs and time.


Underground Cable Analytics

The traditional approach to cable testing is reactive, which means that the cable will be tested only in the event of a failure for necessary repairs to be carried out. However, with the latest technology, systematically anchored to enable early detection, quick remedy or complete incident prevention is possible. 

By analyzing patterns from available data, we can predict which cables are in critical condition and needs to be checked. This effective method allows the avoidance of unnecessary exchanges and helps to tackle incidents preventively.


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Matthias Stifter
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