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The complexities of large-scale IoT projects require processes to be as simple and streamlined as possible. Automated connectivity is essential not only for roll-outs and deployments, but also for subsequent device and app management. We help you ensure you have the right procedures in place to enjoy continuous, straightforward and powerful management capabilities, even with complex systems, assets and services.



Onboard thousands of connected devices in a secure and automated way.

Connecting assets in large IoT projects can become extremely complex very quickly. When thousands upon thousands (or even millions) of devices and applications need to be connected, large-scale automation becomes essential. Our team helps you digitize your operations at scale quickly and securely, allowing you to enjoy smooth deployments, prevent human error, and track, patch and upgrade assets easily.


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A flexible structure that enables you to fine tune application management services.

Once your assets are up and running, software becomes your main concern. To help you succeed, we provide full-stack software support for the technologies we implement, leveraging our truly global delivery capabilities, state-of-the-art research initiatives and long-term experience. We ensure that updating, monitoring and managing your application life cycle is easier than ever.


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