Is your organization ready to meet the potential offered by the Internet of Things?

5 phases of IOT

Discover our 5-step, practical guide for embarking on your IoT journey, from strategy development to use case ideation and operations development.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we live. Having become ubiquitous in the consumer economy, IoT is now emerging as a prominent force in every industry including manufacturing, energy utilities, healthcare, transportation and building technologies. This is no coincidence. The Internet of Things creates measurable value for private and public organizations alike.

Leveraging the IoT for one’s own business implies 5 consecutive phases, covering everything from strategy development to use case ideation and development to operations. Also, to make it a successful and sustainable implementation, cyber security and change management must be prioritized right from the start and integrated into all phases. And depending on your organization and the use case, these five essential phases can be executed with widely varying timeframes and effort.

1. Develop a Strategy

2. Ideate and Prototype

3. Connect, Adapt and Integrate Systems

4. Analyze Data

5. Operate

In our whitepaper Turning the Internet of Things into reality, we provide a starting point and a practical guide for embarking on your IoT journey. 


Rhena Helmus
Rhena Helmus
Senior Business Designer
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Jürgen Grabenhofer
Jürgen Grabenhofer
Partner. Strategy & Digitalization
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