Digitalization is having a profound impact on how we do business. With rapidly changing markets, technologies and trends, companies face increasing complexity and uncertainty. They are looking for answers and ask for value instead for products. And with customer expectations changing, so are ways of interacting and building your relationships with them. Understanding customer needs, jointly creating value, win-win solutions and services, providing a unique experience by supporting customers on their individual customer journey and ensuring customer success has become a paradigm. Customer centricity is key.


For years, our consulting team has dealt intensively with the question of value creation and customer centricity, particularly in a B2B environment. We believe that businesses can only be successful when they create value for everyone involved. We have developed and applied different approaches, ready to be combined and seamlessly integrated depending on the specific situation at hand. They pave the way for win-win solutions and customer experience, generating tangible business value and a return on investment.


Our Approach

We combine these approaches with digital technologies such as advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, UX/UI, rapid prototyping and blockchain.

 Customer Insights

Gathering (data-based) insights on your customers, their needs, drivers and behaviors, profiling of personas as representatives of your target customer groups.

 Customer Journey and Experience

Designing customer journeys from demand through purchase through engagement and shaping their experience at digital and non-digital touchpoints to ultimately create long-lasting loyalty.

Customer Value Co-Creation

Creating value jointly with your customers, developing winning use cases for the digital age and thereby strengthening your customer relationship.

 Value Proposition Design

Developing offerings that customers want, based on their pain points and jobs-to-be-done.

Value Quantification

Understanding value drivers and financial benefit generated.

Value-based Pricing

Collaboratively and transparently design pricing schemes based on the quantified value generated for your customers.

 Customer Success

Monitoring and driving customer KPIs and making sure voice of customer feedback is effectively being captured and used to improve products, services and the relationship.


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Stephanie Streitner
Stephanie Streitner
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Sven Scheuble
Partner. Consulting Global
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Randall Cox
Partner. Consulting USA
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