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Customer Centricity

Fulfilling the needs of customers with the highest quality is the key to success in a customer-centric world. 

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Driving business value and superior customer experiences through digitalization strategies

Digitalization has revolutionized how businesses operate, resulting in dynamic markets, evolving technologies, and shifting trends. As companies navigate increasing complexity and uncertainty, meeting changing customer expectations is crucial for success. 

At Siemens Advanta, we have developed diverse and adaptable approaches that can be seamlessly integrated to suit specific situations. These strategies pave the way for win-win solutions and superior customer experiences, driving tangible business value and maximizing return on investment. 

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Customer Interaction Strategy 

Developing a customer interaction strategy is the key to achieving unique and differentiating customer experiences across all channels and touchpoints.  

Customer-centric Transformation and Strategy 

For a customer-centric approach, it is essential to redefine the business model and adopt a concise transformation strategy. 

Digital Solution and Service Portfolio Innovation 

Our co-creation approach boosts service portfolio innovation and the development of digital solutions.  

Ecosystem and Business Model Design 

Ecosystem-based business models disrupt and outperform traditional business​es.  

Fast-track Innovation with Design Sprints 

Structured design thinking approach for innovating new solutions.  

Innovation Center Design 

Establishing an innovation center that delivers on its expectations. 

Go-To-Market (G2M) Strategy 

Accessing relevant markets in a customer-focused way.  

Target Operating Model Design and Transformation

Enabling the customer-centric strategy with a clear target operating model.  

Customer Centricity case studies

Customer value co-creation for digital workflow optimization

Our client had to optimize their field service and increase efficiency of installed assets. Using Customer Value Co-Creation, we concretized their user journey and business model for digital workflow optimization...

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