XingFa Aluminum, a market leader in the aluminum industry in China kicked off its transformation journey with high inventory levels, low production efficiency, long delivery times and difficult production planning. Siemens Advanta introduced the Digital Factory and Smart Factory concept to XingFa to build up their digital strategy towards Industry 4.0.


Industrial Manufacturing
Digital Transformation



Job shop production, high inventory levels, high frequency of material transportation


Long order delivery lead times, high risk of change order, high finished goods inventory


Unstandardized processes, quality issues, low operation efficiency

Our Approach

Digital transformation standard approach to help our client design the new blueprint.

Industrie 4.0
  • Lean business and production process optimization, automation design
  • Digital transformation blueprint and approach design
  • Standardize the production technician management structure and process optimization

“Siemens' new digital solution makes revelational changes to the current production solution. We never thought to do aluminum production this way. After understanding Siemens' new digital design, I have the confidence to realize the solution. And after that, we will be number one in the world in aluminum profile.“

Wu, Xi Kun; CTO of XingFa Aluminum


Siemens Advanta's solution opened a new window to transform from Industry 2.0 to Industry 4.0.

Impact Part_XingFaAluminium
  • Reduce production cycle time up to 75%
  • Decrease production inventory up to 80%
  • Improve production efficiency up to 100%