Sensor fusion and enhanced sensor analytics for tram switch heating

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In cities, ice regularly blocks tram switches. We pointed out a way how to use already operating mobile sensors to provide local temperature measurements and optimize the operation of the switch heating system. This cross-domain approach combines sensor data from elective vehicles of a car sharing provider with weather forecasts, tram switch data, energy prices and workforce management data.

Transportation & Logistics
Platform Assessment



Lack of data on the actual state of tram switches


Mapping and combining diverse datasets from various data sources


How to optimize workforce to operate manual tram heating switches

Our Approach

Together with our partner ELOOP and the customer, we identified the sensors and data required for this cross-domain challenge. In conjunction with the business needs of the customer, we derived the next steps to deliver the proof of value.

What did we build for the customer?

A dashboard that visualizes the aggregated actual and historical temperature data at the tram switch location, providing decision support for tram switch heating. The dashboard is based on data analytics and integration of diverse sensor data sources under the hood.


Demonstrating how to save energy and reduce frozen switches with optimized tram switch heating operation based on local real-time data.


lower energy cost through optimized switch heating


workforce allocation allows customer to move parts of the workforce to other important tasks