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Julian, Senior Consultant at Siemens Advanta Consulting 

Driving innovation

Julian previously worked at a major tech company before joining Siemens Advanta Consulting. His move into consulting was sparked by his desire to learn as much as possible in an extremely dynamic and flexible environment. “Coming up with new solutions for existing challenges simply excites me,” he says. “I like to be creative and try out new things, and it was always clear to me that I wanted to work on innovation.”  

Julian says he went into consulting because he wanted to help shape digital transformation – and he wanted to do so not in just one, but several industries. 

Siemens Advanta Consultant Julian

Learning a lot in a short time

After graduating with a master’s in management, Julian was hired by a leading global tech company, which specializes in cloud solutions. While working there, he experienced how the notion of “Always putting the customer first” was taken very seriously – and he says this made a lasting impression on him. “I’m convinced that in order to succeed, businesses need to put themselves in the customer’s shoes.” 

What Julian enjoys about consulting is that he gets to work on a variety of different topics while being surrounded by smart and incredibly motivated people. The fast-paced, international environment at Siemens Advanta Consulting inspires him. “I think that consulting can really jumpstart your career: You get to learn a lot in a very short time.” 

Julian had heard about Siemens Advanta Consulting when he was in grad school and was encouraged to take a closer look. “Siemens is one of the most innovative companies in the world,” he says. And he’s eager to add: “I would definitely take the same opportunity again!” 

Being surrounded by people I can learn from, who open up exciting new perspectives for me or look at things in a completely different way than I do – that’s truly valuable.


All about teamwork

When Julian is thinking about what makes his work so special, he doesn’t hesitate: “It’s days like when we had the final presentation of a big project. It went well, the client was happy, and I was just proud to be part of such a great team.” He says that consulting is always teamwork and that’s something he really appreciates. “I’m very extroverted and working with intelligent people energizes me,” he says. “Being surrounded by people I can learn from, who open up exciting new perspectives for me or look at things in a completely different way than I do – that’s truly valuable,” he adds.  

Working in consulting is all about tackling new questions and challenges. Julian finds that working within diverse teams helps him approach complex issues: “I am constantly dealing with new questions, and I often find that I get the most powerful insights from colleagues who have a different background than myself, whether it’s with education, culture or nationality.” 

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