Meet Ozlem

What makes my job special is contributing to the success of our business by playing an important role within our ecosystem” - Ozlem, Global Head of Project Management and Operations at Siemens Advanta Digital Engineering

A global citizen shaping a digital future

Ozlem is what you can call a true global citizen. Having worked and lived in Istanbul for many years and traveling the world in her free time, she took on a new challenge by moving to Munich and joining Siemens Advanta about 1,5 years ago. “I was ready to bring my experience to serve to several first of its kind projects,” she says. Not only the opportunity of realizing innovative projects around the globe convinced her of taking on this next challenge – Siemens Advanta also met with her strong desire for an international and inclusive team concept: “I enjoy being in a different country every day,” she says, “but also enjoy being surrounded by a great global team where I can feel at home.”

As Global Head of Project Management and Operations she now leads a truly diverse team that combines different backgrounds, levels of experiences, and nationalities, and is united in shared values and goals. Together they actively contribute to the much-needed progress in an everchanging world and by that, shape digital transformation processes all around the globe: “The open mindset, always working together globally for the best solution, as well as the professionality of our overall team amazes me.”

Unlocking digital potential empowered by constant change

Being able to look back on 25 years of experience in project management, Ozlem knows that these solutions often are the results of changed conditions, parameters, or demands: “My constant companion during these years, independent from the sector I was working in, was change,” she says. While for many, change results in uncertainty and insecurity, Ozlem thrives when putting herself in the frontline of progress and innovation: “For me change means a chance,” she says, “a new challenge and the opportunity to do it better.”

At Siemens Advanta she now sees herself in the position of shaping this very change on a daily basis: “We are actively reacting to change and try to foresee upcoming developments in the industries,” she says. With digitalization being the number one future topic, Ozlem believes in unlocking her client’s digital potential with the help of an open mindset as well as always being one step ahead and making sure to be one of the leading figures in shaping the world of tomorrow: “We want to remain at the front line as global partner in the digital transformation.”


Quote Background

“After several years of experience in Project Management within and outside of Siemens in different sectors, I knew that I am passionate to be part of a journey/solution that serves to our Customers’ and our World’s needs, creating value for them and supporting them for their future challenges.”


Meaningful technology for everyone

Ozlem is convinced that all of this cannot be achieved by individual performance, but rather by bundling experience and expertise as well as setting up a powerful ecosystem: “What makes my job special is contributing to the success of our business by playing an important role within our ecosystem,” she says. Ozlem is convinced that working together and leveraging capabilities and competences in a strong system of cooperation does more than just creating individual solution for customers – it opens technology up to answer everyday problems of an everchanging world and by that, creates true value for all of us.

By doing so, Siemens Advanta takes on a lead role within digital transformation as a whole – a status Ozlem and her team enjoys very much: “I find myself and all of us very lucky to be one of the main players who will be defining our North Star,” she says. Having a global mindset, thriving upon new perspectives, and constantly embracing change, Ozlem and her team are convinced that they will be able to shape “the future from the heart of the business.”

Ozlem and her daughter

What comes next for Ozlem? She cannot tell for sure. But believing in the digital potential of tomorrow and being empowered by ever-present change, she knows that it will involve new challenges and bold ideas that she can tackle together with her team: “I am very happy to be part of this great diverse team in all manners, contribute to the values, to collaborate with you, to shape the future of IoT Services– and to be part of changing the world all together!”